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The Kingdom40 curriculum is a reflection of the 10 years of study Rick spent with Jesus as his Teacher. It includes 2 options: Level 1 and Level 2 with Deep Dive. The basic difference is that Level 2 includes approximate 1/3 more hours of study and more intimate time with Rick. It's an added leg to the stream of courses you receive with Level 1. Since there is more course material in Level 2, we ask that only those who are committed to going deeper into their understanding of Scriptures (deep dive) and in their walk with God, to make this choice.
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The Kingdom40 Course

Starting with Discipleship 2.0, Rick covers a myriad of topics that are sure to challenge your understanding of Scripture. Here's what's included:

About Rick Osborne

Your host and teacher Rick Osborne has authored and co-authored books that have sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

God has called him to help Christians of all ages walk in the fullness of what Jesus paid for and be transformed into His image. He's co-authored books with:

  • Dr. John Trent (Focus on The Family's Guide To The Spiritual Growth of Children), 
  • Dr. Gary Chapman (The 5 Love Languages for Kids), and
  • Dr. Tom Blackaby (The Experiencing God Family Devotional).

Two of his latest books, "At Work Within" and "Love's Transformation," have been consistently transforming the lives of his readers.

He co-wrote and led the team that produced "The Most Important Story." which has had over a hundred million copies distributed worldwide in over 120 different languages and dialects.

However, Rick's number one desire in life was to Know God!

For Decades he was consistent in prayer and Bible Study, and all the while cried out to know and experience God more. He followed every recipe he could find for how to know, hear, and be intimate with God. He saw gradual results and had many great experiences, but he never felt like he really entered into knowing God in fullness.

Then one day, when Rick least expected it, Jesus spoke to him and promised to personally teach Him from the Bible what he so desired to know. Rick confesses that it was not because He was special or did something right!

What Jesus taught Rick over ten years from the Word of God blew his mind, and at the beginning of that visitation, Rick applied what he learned, and his relationship and intimacy with God skyrocketed!

The Lord told Rick that the Father wants this kind of face-to-face, intimate relationship with ALL of His kids, and now Rick has been tasked with teaching you what Jesus taught him.

What others have experienced...

Sonya M.// U.S.

"Phenomenal Teaching by a Phenomenal Teacher. I have been with TranzformU over a month and it is the training that is needed in this hour. I am being transformed into the image of Jesus as I learn to walk in Oneness with Him through Ricks teachings. He has taught me how to read, study, apply and reflect the Word.."

Cassie S.// Canada

I cannot say enough about the teachings, the true meat of the Word that comes out of every single session that I am so blessed to dive into on a weekly basis since I joined TU in November. I started with the Face to Face challenge and have been challenged ever since! I love His Word and I love His Presence and I get BOTH!

Daniel V. // Australia

My wife and I have been in TU for about 6 months. "No more shame" was particularly transformational. I used to struggle with shame, now I'm aware Jesus took away all my shame & contempt on the cross. Rick is a deep, immersive & engaging teacher. My personal time with God has become more meaningful.

Beth M// U.S.

Rick's teaching has transformed my life and my walk with the Lord. I am SO excited about what I have yet to learn from him.

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Comments are authentic.

Akpezi O.  // South Africa

I got interested in TU when I first listened to Rick about three months ago. A seed was sown in me since then to enjoy the Presence of God at all times. Ricks chase after God is contagious. I simply enjoy his lectures. They are genuine and grounded in Gods Word. I am privileged to have been selected for the course.

Janice H.// Australia

I have been in TranzformU for 2-wk. Through the transformation, I have experienced a deeper understanding of knowing God's Word. Rick, like a teacher, is seeing God. I feel so enlightened, growing more in God's Word. I listen to the TranzformU lessons at least 3 times for more revelation

Here are the details...


48 Lessons:

Each lesson runs 75-90 minutes of actual teaching. A question and answer period is included from the original recording that enhances the learning for that lesson.



Through the course of the year, or for however long it takes for you to go through the course materials, there are 40 major topics Rick covers. Because some topics require more Scriptures and a deeper understanding, we end up with 48 lessons for the entire Kingdom40 curriculum.



Each lesson includes its own workbook. These workbooks were prepared with the verses Rick uses during the lesson so that you can write your comments next to the verses. These are very helpful especially when reviewing the course material multiple times... and most do! You will find access to the workbook directly below each lesson. You may download it directly from there.


Audio Recordings:

Audio recordings of each lesson are rendered and uploaded to SoundCloud. You can listen online through the member's area or download the SoundCloud app and listen that way. You will find the audio recording directly under the lesson in your members area.


Live with Rick- QandA (Kwan-da):

All members have access to and are invited to attend our QandAs. Normally broadcast Wednesday afternoons and usually 2 times each month, this is the time to get your course questions answered live by Rick.


Live with Rick- Deep Dive Inclusives:

Live, Deep Dive Inclusives are times when Holy Spirit leads Rick to invite everyone- those who belong to Level 2 as well as those belonging to Level 1. The material is fresh and deep. All past recordings are available in your members area. These usually occur on Thursday evenings at 8PM Eastern. Deep Dives often last a bit longer and there is always a question and answer period at the end. Deep Dive Inclusives are recorded and available to view in your members area.


Household Members:

 Whether you are Level 1 or Level 2, anyone living in your residence is invited to join at no extra charge. After you join, you will receive a series of onboarding emails, one of which is how to enroll your family member.


Firehose Fridays:

Firehose Fridays are topics the Lord directs Rick to teach. We stream these lessons into the Facebook group on Fridays. They are always fresh and help with your understanding of complete transformation. Recordings of the Firehose Fridays can be found in your membership area, too.


TranzformU Community:

We currently use Facebook as our community gathering place. It is a vibrant, interactive community where everyone shares their transformational progress and encourages others to do the same. Being a part of Facebook is optional, but is sure is fun!


30-Day, 5 Lesson Happiness Guarantee:

If, for any reason, during the first 30 days of your journey, and after watching the first five lessons, you find that this is not the right Biblical course of learning for you, then simply email us your request for a refund. We will happily comply with your wishes.

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