Psalm 91

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Did you know that the Bible promises to protect you from corona viruses, or COVID-19? Well it does! Psalm 91, the classic Psalm about God's protection, mentions it twice! It doesn't mention it by name, but it specifically talks about the type of virus that it is. COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, or an infectious disease that originated in animals. You may be surprised to see that Moses also talked about our protection from these diseases; and Jesus demonstrated that protection!

The Bible not only identifies these diseases, and says that you are protected from them, but it also moves past that, and tells you how to live in that protection. This information is vital for you and your family at this time; vital for bolstering your faith and banishing fear. Nothing surprises God; and He promised your protection from COVID-19 before it was even named! E-books come in easy to read, pdf format.