Release The Mind of Christ In You

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Level 1: TranzformU

  • Groundbreaking Course- (pre-recorded) Before ascending, Jesus appeared to the disciples for forty days and spoke to them about the Kingdom (Acts 1:3). The Kingdom40 Course unpacks 40 Key Biblical Kingdom-focused topics that will powerfully impact and begin to transform every area of your life.
  • Transformational Journey- Kingdom40 covers 4 semesters. Each semester is 7 weeks long, with 2, in-depth, weekly sessions. That will be a total of 14 transformation sessions each quarter. Each session dips into the well of over 23,000 hours of Biblical study Rick had over 10 years.
  • TranzformU Online Campus- join with hundreds of others in the Facebook Community, who share stories just like yours and who love to encourage you on your journey. Get feedback from Rick and his team as your transformation unfolds.
  • Kingdom Gems- weekly golden nuggets from Rick where he speaks on Scriptures or topics that need clarification. Sometimes the gems come as a direction from the Holy Spirit because somebody needs to hear it.
  • Tranzform Tuesdays- Continue your journey as Rick delivers timely, deeper messages on Tuesday Evenings. Transform Tuesdays bridges the gap between semester with continued teaching from God's word.
  • QANDA (pronounced "kwahn-da")- Simply, QANDA stands for Questions and Answers with Rick. Most often on Wednesdays, Rick and his team come in live to answer your most pressing questions. And if you can't be there, no problem! You can send you in your questions, they will get answered, and you can catch them on the replay.
  • Library Access- enjoy access to recordings of your semester(s) to view and review at any time. In addition, access to recordings of the QANDA sessions, Transform Tuesdays, and Kingdom Gems.
  • Family Pass- all members of your household will be included at no extra charge. (this benefit is for those who reside in the same house as the Charter Member)
  • Deep Dive Inclusive- periodically and as the Holy Spirit leads, Rick invites members of Level 1 to experience an exclusive Deep Dive session. The first Inclusive Rick did was on Communion- you will never take communion the same again after you hear it.

Level 2: TranzformU+ DEEP DIVE

  • All of Level 1 Plus...
  • Deep Dive Thursdays- after ten years of downloads, Rick has so much more to teach! For those of you who feel that you're ready to put the time aside, to go deeper, and to grow like crazy in a smaller, more intimate group, Rick will be teaching on a third evening during the semester. On those days, he'll go much deeper into the Word on topics not always covered during the Level 1 sessions. DO NOT take advantage of Level 2 unless you're ready to commit the time and focus needed to intentionally ACCELERATE your Transformation!
  • Personal Access- with smaller groups, there is time for more personal interaction with Rick. Teachings go deeper so more questions arise. The Question and Answer session after the teaching can be quite intense, but the nuggets of truth burst forth each time.
  • Technical Help- Rick's team of pros have decades of experience with computer hardware, software, and programming, not to mention social media and websites. They can help most anyone resolve their technical issues. As a Level 2 member, you have direct access to these guys should you have technical issues preventing you from accessing the courses.
  • Bonus Sessions- as a Level 2 member, Rick will periodically introduce bonus materials exclusive to this group to hasten your transformation process.

What to Expect...

Here's what you'll find in the first semester...

  • Discover the power of the Holy Spirit as your teacher and guide
  • Enter a greater awareness of God’s redemptive plan for you
  • Unlock the treasure available to you through your salvation 
  • Live from a place of rest in Christ’s finished work
  • Commune with God in daily life
  • Put off your old nature and put on Christ
  • Sustain intimacy with the Holy Spirit for inside-out transformation
  • Walk in Christ’s righteousness and victory over sin
  • Abide in Christ and the fullness of God’s love
  • Manifest the full power of the Kingdom as a Son or Daughter of God
  • My COMMITMENT to you...

    This is a full time commitment from me to YOU. I have no other business interests or job responsibilities. I will help you get to where you've always wanted to go with the Lord.

    Not only will I continue for hours a day getting before the Father to hear his heart and pass that on to you, but I will be interacting with you as needed inside the Membership group.

    My role is not merely to pass on information, but rather to stimulate real transformation over the next 12 months. People want to see the manifestation of God's power in their lives, but manifestation is proportionate to personal transformation and without transformation, there is no manifestation.

    We are raising up true transformation agents that will not only manifest the love and power of God, but will also revolutionize their own lives, that of their families, their communities and indeed the world! As the community grows, we will hire staff to provide a high level of support to the community.

    It will become as transformative and revolutionary as the early church was, that literally turned the world upside down. We will see the manifestation of God that Jesus died to make possible for us. Religion can't do that. Knowledge can't do that. Only God, manifesting Himself, His love and His power through His children who have been transformed can do that.

    I'm talking about real miracles of provision, healing, whole family salvations, and much more.

    I am committed to this. And that means, I am committed to you.

    The investment to accomplish this is a reflection of real costs. It is impossible to compare the value of this transformation process to any monetary amount. If wisdom is more precious than rubies and better than gold as Solomon said, how can one put a value on having a true, spirit-led, power producing, miracle living, walk with God?

    So, I will not cheapen this by pretending to establish a monetary value. It is invaluable.

    The investment is a function of real costs and funding future growth. Those costs are substantial. Not only is it my personal time commitment (which doesn't factor in the 10 years to obtain what I will be sharing with you), but it is staffing up to support the community in a big way.

    Level 1- TranzformU
    Value: $2,500

    $1897.00 Single Pay
    (Save $603)

    Level 2- TranzformU +
    Deep Dive
    Value: $3500

    $2797.00 Single Pay
    (Save $703)


    When you enroll, you get immediate access to Intensive #1. 
    That's nearly 20 hours of training!

    PLUS, you are invited to join in our weekly Live QandA sessions.

    The Community

    Our community will be a place where you can come for support, not only from other members, but from our admin staff on technical issues, prayer and counsel on spiritual growth issues from our own team of trained advisors, and input from me on just about anything you wish to get insight and clarity on. We will be adding fresh content inside the group via Facebook LIVE and other means. The community will be where the transformation truly accelerates!

    As a Charter Member, your first year of community membership and services is included with the cost of this one year course, and can be renewed in subsequent years at $47 per month (and will never increase). 

    Community Comments

    Huge Value: 4X Your Investment

    The One Year Groundbreaking Kingdom40 Course: ($3,000 Value)

    Before Jesus ascended, He appeared to the disciples for forty days and spoke to them about the Kingdom (Acts 1:3). This was their prep for everything they lived from that point on. The Kingdom40 Course takes 40 Key biblical Topics and unpacks everything you need to know about how every part of your life can be powerfully impacted by the Kingdom. Church is part of the Kingdom, but the Kingdom is about Transforming every part of your life.

    Before Jesus ascended, He appeared to the disciples for forty days and spoke to them about the Kingdom (Acts 1:3). This was their prep for everything they lived from that point on. The Kingdom40 Course takes 40 Key biblical Topics and unpacks everything you need to know about how every part of your life can be powerfully impacted by the Kingdom. Church is part of the Kingdom, but the Kingdom is about Transforming every part of your life.

    TranzformU Online Campus: 

    If you want all of God with all your heart; and you want to see yourself, your life, and your community transformed by Him, this is your people and your place. A Community of like-minded believers growing together, encouraging one another, and being nurtured by transformational teachers and courses. As a Charter Member, you enjoy this Facebook community at no extra charge.

    The TranzformU Family Pass ($1000 Value)

    TranzformU wants every adult and young-adult in your household involved in the community! Charter Members are encouraged to invite household members to attend TranzformU. It's a place where everyone is encouraged and supported in their growth. 

    Get These Charter Member Bonuses

    Bonus #1: Charter Members will get Free Access to Michael Pink's Webinar ($147 Value)

    Are you tired of being the rainmaker? Is everyone looking to you to “make it happen”? How would you like to simply follow God around and catch the rain He freely showers?
    The Raincatcher’s Secret reveals the seven ancient paths found in that ancient dwelling place of God… the Tabernacle of Moses, that can transform you into a highly productive, peace filled, God chasing, revenue accelerating, rain catching, business professional!
    Ready to lose your stress? Discover the seven ancient paths to the life you’ve always wanted. This teaching series contains seven audio CD’s and one CD with a full color. Illustrated PowerPoint presentation.

    Bonus #2: Charter Members will get Rick's Audiobook "Love's Transformation." (Value $29)

    Jesus called us to love God and to love others perfectly and with our everything. It seems an impossible task; we try our best, but we often fall short. Perhaps it’s because we ourselves don’t feel loved; or we just don’t know how to love; or maybe it’s because we feel that pain has shut us down.

    What if you could experience, and be so filled with God’s unconditional love, that it constantly overflowed onto everyone in your life? What if you could be—as the Apostle of love described it, “perfected in love,”—and you, your life, your marriage, and your family, could be transformed by His love? What if Jesus wasn’t calling you to an impossible task, but to a gift of His grace; the gift of God’s life-altering fountain of love? What if you could experience and live in that love?

    Bonus #3: Rick's 3 Secrets To Helping Your Kids To Truly Know and Love Jesus ($97 Value)

    Rick, establishes a foundation through Scripture so that you see yourself as a capable parent just like God sees you. He unpacks relevant Scriptures to teach you why it's so important to teach your children correctly. Rick also teaches you that God has already equipped you to parent and that you do have the tools to do it right. And, he explains why you have the ability and responsibility to teach your children

    Bonus #4: Art Thomas' Voice of God (Value $7.99)

    VOICE OF GOD is a life-changing 2-part movie from the filmmakers who brought you PAID IN FULL, which has activated countless people to minister healing in Jesus’ name. In this film, our directors invite you on a journey of learning to experience God’s voice and participate with Him in His mission. 

    "Rick Osborne spent the last ten years being taught from the Bible by Jesus, and Kingdom40 contains the cutting-edge core of what he was taught. I have traveled to different states and countries, and sat under many teachers looking for more of God! The first time I heard Rick teach a course, I knew I found what I was looking for. I'll be in the community no matter what it costs." Jon Umsted - Business Owner

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    What People Are Saying About Rick Osborne's teaching...

    Rick unfolds deep revelations about the Gospel in a practical down-to-earth way."
    Art Thomas - Missionary, Evangelist, Author, Speaker

    "Rick hits both the heart and the head as he presents a mixture of basic and profound material every believer needs to know and implement in their life." (AWW) - Dr. Tom Blackaby - Lead Pastor, Author, Speaker

    "Rick Osborne clearly and succinctly conveys the essential truth of God's eternal desire to mold us into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ." (AWW) - Dr. Todd Martin, Ph.D. - Sociologist, Author, Speaker

    Rick Osborne’s teachings are life changing
    (no hyperbole in the least).
    My wife and I were blown away by how he made the revelations God gave him so simple, easy and clear to understand. The Truths my wife thought she knew were taken to a whole new level of understanding and clarity. The revelation I received lead me to new levels of freedom!
    Rick’s teaching’s revealed on a heart-level my true identity as a Son of the Most High King in the context of the New Covenant. I now know, with greater certainty, that Jesus is my Teacher. I hear Him more clearly, and move more confidently with Him in everything
    Rick has an amazing Grace-gift for understanding and teaching God’s Word. We recommend Rick Osborne to everyone.

    Jon Umsted
    Business Owner

    What’s a pastor to do with an on-fire-for-God teacher, preacher, and prolific author like Rick Osborne in her congregation? Simple. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to let the amazing love and grace of Jesus, and power of the Gospel shine through him!
    Rick passionately unpacks deep theological insights from God’s Word in fresh and practical ways that cause new believers and seasoned saints alike sit with rapt attention, endeavoring to soak up all he shares. Sometimes, it is like trying to drink out of a firehose! However, there is nothing more exciting than witnessing those who have followed Jesus for decades, suddenly experience “aha moments” when certain verses they have heard and read for years are clearly illuminated and connected, allowing the beauty of God’s heart to be grasped.
    Anointed teaching such as this is the priceless and precious overflow of countless hours, months and years spent soaking in God’s Word and Holy Presence. It is the gift of a transformed life and heart that follows hard after the Lord. Don’t forget your rain gear, you will need it.

    Pastor Cyndi Pelletier

    The Lord used Rick Osborne's Transformational Teaching to cause the most important and fundamental shift in my faith and walk with God"
    Ryan Johnson - Lawyer

    Everyone in the church needs to grasp this revelation and walk in it if they are to endure and thrive in the days ahead.
    Roger Gauthier, Executive Director: Advancing The Kingdom's Vision, SSM